Food is both inspirational and transformational. It inspires us to enjoy our lives as we relax, socialize, and celebrate with those we love, sharing our favorite foods and recipes.

Food transforms us by changing the way our underlying biochemistry works and holding the ability to improve our health and well being.

Ruthie Harper, MD

Ruthie Harper, M.D., has devoted the past 15 years to developing, applying, and teaching others about the principles of Personalized Integrative Medicine. Dr. Harper uses her traditional training as a medical doctor and combines it with her extensive experience in alternative and nutritional medicine to bring personalized health and wellness programs to people. Individuals with serious medical conditions as well as those seeking an optimal health and preventative lifestyle programs have experienced success in her practice and are experiencing and telling others about her philosophy that “Health is the single most important things that allows a person to enjoy their life.”

Dr. Harper is the Founder and Director of Nutritional Medicine Associates in Austin, Texas, an internationally recognized practice where she has consulted with more than 10,000 patients and offers the latest services and techniques in personalized health and wellness. Beyond her traditional training, Ruthie Harper, MD, has found nothing more powerful than combining alternative medicine techniques with traditional medicinal knowledge to transform people’s health and lives.

Dr. Harper’s career journey began in 1989 in New Orleans, first as an emergency room resident and then as an ER doctor at Charity Hospital of New Orleans. She was quickly promoted to emergency department director at Doctor’s Hospital of Jefferson, and it looked as though her medical future was set. But her desire to change people’s lives through personalized health programs drove her in a different direction. Dr. Harper recalls, “I loved the ER and found it exhilarating to use the latest advancement in drugs and medical technology to save lives. But as I continued to practice, I began to see the limitations of traditional medicine.

Philosophically, traditional medicine is a science that accepts the brokenness of the body once a disease takes hold. Rather than addressing and resolving what’s broken and giving the body back the ability to heal and repair, traditional medicine instead uses drugs and technology to band-aid issues.”

To solve these limitations, Dr. Harper began to explore a science that would allow a personalized way for the body to regain its original function. She found the powerful world of nutritional and alternative (integrative) medicine, which fundamentally teaches that all cellular function occurs through the food we eat as it turns into the fuel that makes our bodies work. It was the science she had learned in basic biochemistry but had never applied to the practice of medicine.

“As I began applying these fundamentals to resolve underlying biochemical deficiencies, patients began to enjoy positive, transformational effects on their health.”

Although Dr. Harper saved many lives in the ER, she found she could be instrumental in changing patients’ lives through personalized alternative (integrative) medicine. In 1999, she founded a small boutique practice in Austin, Texas, called Nutritional Medicine Associates. Patient success stories spread quickly, and within just a few months Dr. Harper’s business exploded from a part-time practice into a full-time passion. The practice’s overnight success confirmed what Dr. Harper already believed—people want an alternative approach to traditional medicine to help them achieve health and wellness. Over the last decade she has trained with some of the world’s experts in alternative health including Andrew Weil, etc

“My career in alternative medicine has been nothing short of spectacular. I have helped thousands of people achieve the health and wellness they deserve by developing personalized food, supplement and lifestyle programs to address the underlying biochemical deficiencies that drive the disease process and resolving them. The body really can regain health bringing back joy and freedom to each persons life”

Dr. Harper’s medical journey continues today as she helps patients from all over the world regain the health, wellness, and happiness they deserve through the transformational benefits of personalized alternative and nutritional medicine. Through her years of experience and clinical practice, Dr. Harper has become an internationally recognized expert who has been featured in Prevention Magazine, The LA times, and Dr. Oz on line where she speaks on a variety of topics in the personalized health and wellness world. She is a respected key note-speaker on how to incorporate personalized alternative medicine practices in one’s life to optimize the body’s natural healing power

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