Gourmet Food Program - Baked SalmonWith our fast-paced lives and demanding schedules, many of us sacrifice nutritional balance for fast food convenience. But Dr. Harper has developed a delicious, convenient and affordable way to help solve meal scheduling struggles. As part of her Health Mastery and Weight Loss Resistance Program, Dr. Harper has worked with a professional chef to provide gourmet foods for all your meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner—all perfectly balanced, all perfectly prepared and all perfectly healthy!

With this new program, you can enjoy nutritionally balanced, fabulous-tasting food for every meal without spending the time meal-planning, grocery shopping or cooking, and while savoring the added benefits of healthy eating: lose fat, eliminate unhealthy cravings, increase energy levels and transform your physical health.

One of the greatest benefits of this new program is the medical supervision by Dr. Harper. Few food programs have an MD available to patients, especially a doctor who is trained in and focused on helping patients overcome weight loss resistance obstacles while achieving optimal health.

To learn more about our gourmet food program, download our flyer Dr. Harper’s Skinny Gourmet Diet Program.

Make losing weight and eating healthy a convenient part of your busy schedule by setting up an appointment with Dr. Harper today at 512.343.9355.

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