Hormones and Optimal Health

Nutrition is only one part of the picture of optimal health. A full program for achieving optimal health includes among other things an evaluation of hormonal needs as we age.

Typically in our 30s and 40s, we experience a peak in hormones and metabolism, which begin to decline if we do not address these issues. As we age, we lose lean body mass and replace it with body fat. Our energy, vitality and mental clarity may begin to suffer.

The signs of aging can be impacted in a positive way with good nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement therapy.

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What are Natural Hormones?

Most people have heard of “natural hormones” but remain unclear about what natural hormones are. Many people believe that natural hormones come from nature, such as plants. In reality, natural hormones are hormones that are chemically identical to what you naturally make in your own body. Natural hormones are an opportunity to replace what your body had in its ideal state when your levels were most optimal. Many individuals prefer natural hormones because of minimal side effects. It makes sense to them to replace their hormones with what their body naturally intended for them to have.

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