Our practice provides you with the opportunity to feed and nourish your body with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements in the industry.

Our supplements exceed the standards of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the proposed FDA Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. All manufacturing takes place in temperature, humidity, and dust-controlled room. In addition, each piece of equipment is dismantled and sterilized before each production run.

Ingredient Quality

Our Supplements

Our ingredients are purchased based solely on quality. Each product is reviewed annually by Ruthie Harper MD to ensure that its ingredients support the latest science and advancements in nutritional medicine. You can be assured that Dr. Harper has exhausted the scientific research to bring you the most effective products at the best prices. The ingredients are sourced only from trusted industry leaders, including the finest suppliers from the U.S., France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Manufacturers of ingredients must pass rigorous pharmaceutical grade analytical tests to qualify as our suppliers. All ingredients are tested for purity and potency by independent certified laboratories. We choose the vegetarian capsule technology called vegicaps whenever possible because this technology allows greater bioavailability of the nutrients in each capsule. Studies have shown that as we age, our digestion becomes less efficient and therefore our ability to access the nutrients in tablets and gelatin capsules becomes less efficient. Use of vegetarian vegicaps eliminates this issue and ensures that the dollars you pay for your products are contributing to your health and wellness. In addition, use of vegicaps eliminates potential risk of diseases associates with gelatin or cow based technologies such as mad cow disease.

Supplements for Sensitive People

Our supplements are hypoallergenic and do not contain coatings, excipients, binders, fillers, shellacs, artificial colors, or fragrance. We choose products that are free of wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, sugar, starch, soy, preservatives and hydrogenated oils (unless noted).

Full Disclosure Labeling

We let you know exactly what is in the supplements that are provided for you and always list all ingredients included in our products. Additionally, if an herbal ingredient is listed, our label details the strength of the standardized extract. Our fully reacted minerals are listed with their true elemental weights.


Our supplements are protected from tampering with induction seals and full sleve bottle shrink seals whenever appropriate. In addition, our bottles are embossed with our logo, ensuring that the manufacturer identity cannot be tampered with.

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