Nationally Recognized Thyroid Care

Nutrition is only one part of the picture for achieving optimal health. A fully personalized program for optimal health includes an evaluation of an individual’s hormonal needs throughout  all stages of life, and especially as we age. Dr. Harper offers innovative diagnostic and treatment methods for patients experiencing hormonal issues and has a personal passion for helping patient’s with thyroid issues because one in ten women has an undiagnosed thyroid condition.  Optimal thyroid function is critical in controlling mood, energy, metabolism, cholesterol balance, brain function, weight loss, and fertility along with things critical to beauty such as the quality of ones hair, skin and nails.

Thyroid: A Crossroads of Integrative Health

Dr Harper has a record of successful treatments for thyroid dysfunction with integrative techniques. Perhaps her approach is successful because the thyroid is so interconnected—integrated—with other systems in the body. The thyroid gland represents a perfect example of how ones hormonal system interacts with every other system in the body to orchestrate optimal health. Virtually every cell in the body has a receptor for thyroid hormone meaning that optimal thyroid hormone levels will affect every aspect of an individual’s health and well being.

Even more interesting are Dr Harper’s recent scientific discoveries that every other organ system will have an impact on how the thyroid gland works—specifically how much thyroid hormone is made, if thyroid hormone is converted to its most active forms and if the body is able to utilize it effectively.  Seldom recognized are the effects of reproductive hormones, stress hormone and nutrition on optimal thyroid function. Dr Harper utilizes in depth testing of all thyroid hormone levels (TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Free T3 and reverse T3) and combines this with other diagnostic and nutritional testing to provide a comprehensive and effective way to deal with thyroid issues. This approach has put Dr. Harper on the top 10 List for Best Thyroid Doctors in the State of Texas.

I kept thinking that something was wrong with my thyroid. I was tired, gaining weight, and my hair was falling out. I went to my doctor and he checked my blood work and said nothing was wrong. It didn’t make sense, why did I have all the symptoms of low thyroid? I found Dr. Harper from a web search. She was listed as one of the top ten thyroid doctors in Texas. She seemed to instantly understand what was going on. She drew more thyroid blood tests, and explained to me with them why I was having all the symptoms of low thyroid function. She put me on a small dose of thyroid medication and gave me supplements to support healthy thyroid function. I feel great now. My low thyroid symptoms have all resolved and I feel like myself again. I am so grateful to Dr. Harper for figuring this out and helping me.

– C.W., age 33

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