Achieve Real Weight Loss

Whether you have been battling your weight for a long period of time or are simply wanting to drop those extra pounds that never seem to go away, Dr. Harper offers the most medically advanced and successful weight loss program available today. Her weight loss program, called “Real Weight Loss”  is a scientifically based, customized weight loss program that addresses the underlying issues that have caused people to gain weight, make them unable to lose weight, or lead them to unhealthy choices to lose or maintain their weight such as fad diets and excessive exercise.  ”Real Weight Loss” was developed when years of clinical experience in her practice lead Dr Harper to discover that the traditional medical approach of “cutting calories and increasing exercise” simply does not work. Real Weight Loss offers answers to questions such as:

“Why did I gain all this weight when I don’t overeat?”

“Why do I lose weight so slowly or not at all?”

“What is the role of exercise in weight loss?”

“Why do I eat less than everyone else and still gain weight?”

“Why am I gaining weight as I’m getting older when I’m eating less and exercising more?”

“Why do I gain weight when I’m stressed even though I don’t eat more?”

“Why is my post-pregnancy weight so hard to get rid of?”

Dr. Harper customizes each weight loss program to the individual, understanding that each person’s reason for gaining weight will be unique to them. She has had both short and long term success with thousands of patients through her personalized weight loss approach. Once your ideal weight is achieved, Dr. Harper ensures you maintain a healthy weight with effective lifestyle programs created just for you. Our patients are part of the small percentage of people who lose weight successfully and keep it off for the long term.


“I could not comprehend why I could not take off the excess 20 pounds that I had been carrying around for about 10 years.  Dr. Harper created a customized eating plan for me and recommended supplements to correct the the things in my body that weren’t working.  After following the plan, I have watched my weight disappear. I am steadily shedding those extra 20 pounds.  My energy level has increased remarkably and my general mental and emotional outlook has also remarkably improved.”

– C. S., Age 52

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