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Botox, Dysport & Xeomin | Austin, TX

Botox has long been known for being an injectable treatment that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These fine lines and wrinkles appear to vanish from the skin shortly after treatment with Botox and often providing those who use it with a younger appearance that would otherwise not be possible. Xeomin and Dysport are similar to Botox, being classified as neuromodal injectables. By relaxing facial muscles, these injectables can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide a more youthful look in a similar way.

Dr. Ruthie Harper understands that part of living life with confidence and vitality can be looking as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside. So, our practice offers all three: Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. Depending on your unique case we might use one over the other to ensure that you get the full benefits of your injectable treatment.

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin injections work by blocking signals from the nerves to targeted muscles on the face, making the wrinkles relax and soften in appearance. It’s useful for those who desire a more youthful and softer appearance since it helps treat the appearance of fine lines on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, chin, neck and other areas.

Botox and similar injectables are also sometimes known as a “liquid facelift” due to their rejuvenating effects on the skin. In addition to reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles, regular use of Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport can also help prevent new wrinkles from forming!

If you would like to look like a younger and more attractive version of you, schedule an appointment at our Austin, TX practice today!