Fertility Tests | Should You Get Tested?

Couples find it interesting and then frustrating when they have spent so much time and energy avoiding getting pregnant, only to realize that when they want to get pregnant, it may not be as easy as they thought! A fertile couple has about a 25% chance of conceiving in any menstrual cycle and when that couple is over 30, chances get slimmer.

As women age, many factors affecting fertility decline, including:

  • number of days you make high-quality cervical fluid
  • number of ovulatory cycles vs non-ovulatory cycles
  • quality of healthy eggs
  • length of the luteal cycle
  • estrogen and progesterone release

Of course, an inability to conceive may also be due to an abnormality or underlying condition affecting the male partner’s sperm, as well.

An extremely wide variety of advanced tests can be conducted to determine the underlying cause of your (or your partner’s) inability to conceive a child. Austin, TX natural fertility expert Dr. Ruthie Harper will work with you to determine which fertility testing modalities are needed in order to accurately identify and address the underlying reason for your infertility.

If you have tried to become pregnant without success, Dr. Ruthie Harper opens her practice doors to you with compassion, and more than twenty years of natural fertility experience. Discover your personal path to total health, wellness and balance, and learn how the science of personalized integrative medicine can help you become pregnant.