Cancer Screening | Austin, TX

Advanced cancer screening technology can detect many types of cancer well before symptoms appear. In traditional medicine – and throughout most of today’s healthcare system – the approach is often waiting to treat illness until symptoms have already developed, rather than keeping the body in health to prevent serious conditions from occurring or worsening. However, functional medicine doctors like Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX offer advanced cancer screening technologies that provide a proactive approach to healthcare by detecting cancer at its earliest stages, even before symptoms manifest.

More than two million people are diagnosed with cancer in the US every year – leading to an estimated 600,000 deaths from cancer annually. And, sadly, several studies suggest a significant portion of cancers (up to 40% for some types) are diagnosed at later stages when treatment options are less effective and survival rates are much lower.

By identifying abnormalities or cancerous cells in the body through state-of-the-art screening tests, Dr. Ruthie Harper can ensure the earliest diagnosis and intervention, leading to better treatment outcomes and vastly improved survival rates.

If you live in Austin, Texas schedule a comprehensive cancer screening with Dr. Ruthie Harper in person. If you live in Texas, outside the Austin area or prefer telemedicine, we offer virtual appointments. We look forward to helping you take the first step to identifying diseases such as cancer in their earliest stages – so you can live your longest and best life!