Natural Fertility Treatments | Austin, TX

Ruthie Harper MD, specializes in using natural, functional and holistic fertility programs in Austin, TX to help women get pregnant, especially those who are having difficulty achieving or maintaining a pregnancy. Dr. Harper focuses on diet, lifestyle, mindfulness and stress reduction, as well as hormonal balance, while teaching women about their body’s fertility signs that can be used to determine when conception is most likely to occur. By understanding how to create a healthy environment for conception, Dr. Harper can help you increase your likelihood of getting pregnant and staying pregnant, as well as maintaining optimal health throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

We look forward to meeting with you, discussing your fertility desires, and helping you become your happiest, healthiest, best through our fertility treatments. Too often, people fall victim to an easily preventable disease that could have been dealt with early by getting regular blood tests.

If you live in Central Texas or the greater Austin, TX area, schedule a comprehensive consultation and lab work with Dr. Ruthie Harper Harper in person. If you live in Texas, outside the Austin area or prefer telemedicine, we offer virtual appointments. We look forward to helping you take the first step to regaining your health and feeling your best!

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