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Building Muscle & Lean Mass

No optimal health program is complete without recognizing the pivotal role that lean body mass plays in strength, weight management, insulin sensitivity and longevity. Unlike conventional weight-focused approaches that simply focus on the scale, our philosophy revolves around fostering and preserving lean body mass as a cornerstone of wellness. Lean body mass contributes to a sculpted physique, plays a critical role in metabolism, supports healthy bone density, and is important for functional fitness and strength. It is the single most important thing that contributes to weight loss success in the short term ad even more importantly for long term success.

By prioritizing the development and maintenance of lean muscle while losing weight on the scale, our programs ensure that your weight management journey is not just about shedding pounds but about cultivating a strong, resilient body and ideally shaped physique. Our tailored strategies will build and transform your lean body mass, prioritizing it for health, vitality, and sustained weight loss.

Dr. Ruthie Harper MD offers the most medically advanced and successful weight loss programs available today. If you have been battling with your weight for a long period of time – or are simply wanting to drop those extra pounds that never seem to go away – she can help you lose weight with an functional approach that provides you with the most effective weight loss solutions designed just for you.