Nutrition | Austin, TX

Our practice provides a wide variety of services for Austin residents that helps enhance overall wellness through the implementation of personalized nutrition programs that consist of individualized diets, supplements, nutritional testing, DEXA scan analysis, mineral rebalancing vitamin injections, and more.

Dr. Ruthie Harper offers the most advanced, evidence-based nutrition programs available today. Dr. Harper offers scientifically focused, customized nutritional programs that diagnose and address the underlying issues that have caused patients to lose energy, gain weight, and experience a variety of health issues.

While your appearance is important, it’s also essential to make sure that you obtain the nutrients your body needs to lead a long, active, and healthy life. That’s why Dr. Harper also offers a wide variety of nutritional support services help maintain your body’s balance, regulate your body weight, increase vitality, prevent disease, and enhance your physique.

If you have been battling with weight gain, fatigue, ongoing stress, or chronic health issues, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruthie Harper in Austin, TX today, for an integrated approach that provides you with the most effective nutritional solutions designed just for you.