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Mineral Rebalancing

Mineral Rebalancing at Ruthie Harper, MD offers a new approach to health. This step-by-step protocol is designed to restore and rebalance key minerals in your body that are essential for energy production. Because every organ system in the body requires energy to work properly, minerals are essential for every aspect of health and healing.

The program focuses on recreating health rather than treating disease. Disruptions in the energy production of the body are the starting point of all disease. This occurs because of mitochondrial dysfunction-the energy production factories of our body fail. Therefore, supporting the body’s energy production allows healing to occur at all levels and in all organ systems of the body. Strengthening the body by supplying the building blocks required to balance all elements naturally, restores energy production from mitochondria.

It is desirable for these building blocks and nutrients to come from fresh organic food as much as possible. When needed, high quality and whole food supplementation will be recommended along with the enzymes and cofactors needed for assimilation and
activation of nutrients in the body to support health. Restoring balance can feel like a bit of an undertaking, so breaking this protocol down into small and manageable steps is essential. It is important to look at long term health as a marathon, not a sprint. Take each step at your own pace, one step at a time, and soon the steps will become part of your lifestyle that you happily integrate because you
are feeling better.

If you live in Central Texas or the greater Austin, TX area, schedule a comprehensive nutrition consultation and testing with Dr. Ruthie Harper – and take the first step to regaining your health and feeling your best!