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PRP Facial Microneedling  | Austin, TX

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as a PRP facial, is a safe, innovative, and natural treatment that stimulates the body’s own healing and repair processes. This provides volume while correcting wrinkles, lines, scars, unwanted pigmentation, stretch marks, and other imperfections almost anywhere on the face or body.

The PRP is separated from the patients own blood and then injected into the treatment area either via syringe or using the advanced SkinPen microneedling system. The natural growth and repair factors in the PRP activate the skin’s rejuvenation and repair mechanisms – plumping and resurfacing skin. And because the the PRP is obtained from the patients own blood, it eliminates the risks for allergic or immune reaction or other side effects.

When microneedling is used to administer the PRP, it creates microscopic channels into the deeper layers of the skin for better absorption of the PRP. The tiny needle pricks also stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – for natural skin repair and long-lasting results. As an added benefit, PRP microneedling is generally safe for all skin types, tones, and colors – and requires very little downtime.

Schedule a PRP microneedling skin rejuvenation treatment at Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX and get the smooth, plump, even, youthful skin that will take years off your appearance and make you feel confident in your appearance.