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Latisse Eyelash Growth | Austin, TX

Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD, is pleased to offer prescription Latisse eyelash growth serum as a transformative solution for achieving longer, fuller, and more luxurious lashes. Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment designed to stimulate lash growth, resulting in thicker, darker, and more voluminous lashes over time. With its proven efficacy and minimal side effects, Latisse provides patients in Austin, TX, with a safe and effective way to enhance their natural beauty and achieve stunning lashes they’ve always dreamed of.

Latisse works by prolonging the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle, resulting in longer and more voluminous lashes. The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, stimulates the hair follicles to produce longer, thicker, and darker lashes by increasing the number of hairs in the growth phase and extending the duration of this phase. With regular nightly application along the lash line, Latisse gradually transforms sparse or short lashes into fuller and more dramatic lashes, enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes.

Patients typically begin to see noticeable results with Latisse after about four weeks of nightly use, with full results becoming apparent after 12 to 16 weeks. To maintain the desired lash length and fullness, ongoing nightly application of Latisse is necessary. With regular use, Latisse can help patients achieve longer, thicker, and darker lashes, enhancing their natural beauty and boosting their confidence. Experience the transformative power of Latisse with Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD, and unlock the secret to stunning lashes.