Dr Ruthie Harper Austin TX

Weight Loss & Nutrition | Austin, TX

Our practice provides a wide variety of services for Austin and Texas residents that help enhance overall wellness through the implementation of personalized programs consisting of medication, supplements, exercise, and proper nutrition.

Dr. Ruthie Harper offers the most advanced and successful medical weight loss programs available today. She has had both short and long term success with hundreds of patients through her customized weight loss programs. Dr. Harper offers scientifically focused, customized weight loss programs that address the underlying issues that have caused patients to gain weight, making them unable to lose weight, or leading them to unhealthy choices such as fad diets and excessive exercise.

And while your appearance is important, it’s also essential to make sure that you obtain the nutrients your body needs to maintain your metabolically active lean body mass in order to live a long, active, and healthy life. That’s why Dr. Harper also offers a wide variety of nutritional support services to help maintain your body’s balance, regulate your body weight, increase vitality, prevent disease, and enhance your physique.