Menopause Weight Loss | Austin, TX

Menopause is characterized by rapid shifts in a woman’s reproductive hormone levels, and these hormones play a key role in body composition changes. In animal studies, rats with removed ovaries had increased weight and belly fat due to higher food consumption, decreased fat breakdown, less physical activity, and lower energy expenditure.

Women who enter menopause have lower estrogen levels, which decreases their metabolic rate -the rate at which their body converts stored energy into working energy- resulting in lower utilization of calories and increased body weight. In other words, lower estrogen levels slow metabolism and decrease lean body mass while increasing fat mass. Furthermore, lower estrogen production causes less fat breakdown, which results in fat accumulation and further weight gain.

During menopause the relationship between estrogen and androgens shifts along with a decrease in the transport hormones for these sex hormones called SHBG. If the balance between estrogen and testosterone gets out of balance, the excess in androgens relative to estrogen along with the decline in Sex Hormone Binding Globulin levels increases the risk of obesity.

Finally, during menopause, the levels of leptin, also known as the “satiety” hormone drops. Low leptin signals the brain to increase feelings of hunger, which leads to eating more while burning less energy. The increased appetite and weight gain that women experience post-menopausally is caused by these major shifts in our hormones and biochemistry!

The good news is we have safe and natural ways to balance the hormonal imbalances after menopause that can be customized to each woman’s levels and needs. If you live in Central Texas or the greater Austin, TX area, schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Ruthie Harper in person. If you live in Texas, outside the Austin area or prefer telemedicine, we offer virtual appointments. We look forward to helping you take the first step to regaining your health, preventing disease, and feeling your best!