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Supplements for Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of modern life, but how we navigate it can profoundly impact our well-being. Our tailored programs use the philosophy of “test don’t guess” to evaluate the direct impact that stress is having on your wellbeing. Starting with a 4-spot cortisol test and a 24 hour DHEA-sulfate level, we will look at your bodies stress load over the last months to years.

Then we will integrate targeted nutritional supplementation to address specific support to combat the effects of stress. Tailored supplementation replenishes vital nutrients, promoting resilience and balance. Coupled with lifestyle support and mindful practices, our approach ensures a holistic strategy for stress management that will empower you to build resilience and foster a healthier response to stress.

By combining the science of functional medicine with the wisdom of holistic care, we guide you toward a comprehensive nutritional, lifestyle and exercise strategy for stress management, ensuring a balanced and resilient approach to navigating life’s challenges.

If you live in Central Texas or the greater Austin, TX area, schedule a comprehensive nutrition consultation and testing with Dr. Ruthie Harper – and take the first step to regaining your health and feeling your best!