5 Reasons Austin Patients Love Kybella Double Chin Treatment

Fat below the jawline – commonly called a “double chin” – is a problem that affects nearly half of adults in the US. Results of a survey revealed by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reported that 55% of women and 40% of men are bothered by the appearance of fat in the area underneath their chin.

49% of the respondents in that survey said that they felt the area under their chins negatively impacted their appearance, and 45% of those surveyed believed that other people noticed the fat under their chin. And being self-conscious about submental fat not only affects people’s self-esteem, it also negatively impacts aspects of their life.

In that study, 35% of the respondents reported avoiding being photographed or video chatting because of their double chin. And 29% of the men surveyed said they had grown a beard to hide the fat under their chin. (Obviously, that is not an option that women have!)

But thanks to the revolutionary Kybella double chin treatments, women and men suffering from submental fat can visit Ruthie Harper, MD and get the sleek, defined chin they have always wanted, without surgery. In this article Austin’s renowned Doctor Ruthie Harper, MD explains five of the biggest reasons her patients love amazing Kybella double chin injections.

#1. Kybella Double Chin Treatment is Non-Surgical

Few people are willing to undergo the pain, expense and long recovery period of a surgical neck lift or facelift. But for decades surgery was the only way to remove submental fat underneath the jaw. Liposuction is another type of surgery for submental fat removal, which also requires anesthetic, multiple small incisions and several days of recuperation – and it is also quite expensive.

But in 2015 a revolutionary new injectable treatment called Kybella was FDA approved to literally “dissolve” fat without surgery. Kybella uses a synthetic formulation of a substance that is naturally found in the body (deoxycholic acid) that breaks down, absorbs, and eliminates fat from the body -without surgery and with no downtime!

#2. Kybella Double Chin Treatments Really Work!

The FDA’s 2015 approval of Kybella as a double chin treatment was supported by two clinical studies. During that testing, more than a thousand men and women with double chins were injected with either Kybella or a placebo. The participants who were injected with Kybella saw a significant loss of submental fat, compared to the control group that saw no reduction in fat under the chin.

A single Kybella treatment can result in a reduction in double chin fat of up to 30%! And, after just 2 or 3 treatments, 50% to 90% of the fat in the treated area can be eliminated.

#3. Results are Permanent with Kybella Double Chins Treatment

Because double-chin fat is often genetic (determined by your DNA) it rarely responds to dieting or exercise. And, while working out and eating less can reduce the size of fat cells in the body, it does not remove the fat cells themselves.

But Kybella is injected directly into the chin fat, where it dissolves and permanently eliminates the submental fat cells. And multiple clinical studies have confirmed that Kybella provides permanent results.

Additionally, because the human body lacks the ability to create new fat cells, when Kybella destroys fat cells, they will be gone forever and can never come back in that area. This long-term effectiveness of Kybella was further proven in studies where Kybella patients subsequently gained body weight – but still did not see a return of submental fullness under the chin.

#4. Kybella Reduces Double Chins Rapidly

Most patients who undergo Kybella double chin treatment will observe results after just a few weeks. And in a few months complete Kybella results will become visible as the body eliminates the destroyed fat cells over time.

Even better, Kybella results will continue to improve with each treatment the patient receives. Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD, has administered hundreds of Kybella injections to her Austin patients with remarkable results.

#5. Kybella Double Chin Treatment is Very Safe

Before being FDA approved, more than 20 clinical studies were conducted on the safety and effectiveness of Kybella, with the injections tested on over 2,600 patients with double chins.

During this testing, more than 80% of test subjects reported complete satisfaction with the results of their Kybella double chin injections. So, in 2015 the FDA Medical Advisory Committee awarded Allergan unanimous approval for Kybella.

And remember, Kybella is simply a synthetic duplicate of a substance produced naturally by the liver. So, the risk of side effects, allergic reaction, or complications is extremely rare.

Additionally, due to the non-surgical nature of Kybella there is virtually no risk of infection or the other complications of surgery. The only side effects routinely reported by our Kybella patients is slight, mild tenderness or redness at the injection sight.

When administered by a skilled and experienced doctor like Ruthie Harper, MD in a medical office, Kybella is highly safe as well as extremely effective.

Kybella Double Chin Treatments – Austin, TX

Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD has helped hundreds of women and men in the Austin area get the defined chin and jawline they have always wanted with Kybella.

At Ruthie Harper, MD, we pride ourselves on being one of Austin’s premier providers of Kybella double chin treatments. If you are like the millions of American’s who hate their double chin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Harper to find out how Kybella can help you feel confident in your own skin.

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