PRP Treatments for Natural Healing & AntiAging

PRP is a revolutionary, 100% natural medical treatment that helps the body heal itself – and can reverse many of the effects of aging. PRP stands for “platelet rich plasma”, which can repair joints, restore sexual performance and enjoyment, regrow hair, and improve skin texture and tone for a younger appearance.

Even better, “PRP” works without surgery, without side effects, and without downtime! In this article, Austin, TX integrative medicine specialist Dr. Ruthie Harper explains how this innovative “fountain of youth” treatment works.

What is PRP Treatment?

During PRP treatments, a small vial of the patient’s blood is extracted from their arm, similar to the process of undergoing a routine blood test.  The liquid part of the blood – the plasma – is then separated from the solid red and white blood cells with a centrifuge.

The extracted “platelet rich plasma” (PRP) contains highly concentrated levels of platelets which are the components of the blood that contain the body’s own natural “growth factors”.  The plasma is then injected into the area being treated using a fine syringe.

The History of PRP Treatments

PRP was first used in the early 1980s in maxillofacial surgery patients for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to stimulate cell regrowth.

However, PRP then became more well-known for its use in treating musculoskeletal and joint injuries in sports medicine. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez are just a few of the athletes who have undergone PRP therapy for sports injuries.

Other medical applications of PRP include cardiac surgery, pediatric medicine, urology, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology.

PRP Facials for AntiAging

PRP’s amazing cellular regeneration properties also make it highly effective for rejuvenating skin. PRP “facials” are known for making wrinkles disappear, and improving skin’s evenness, tightness, glow, and youthful appearance. Even better, the incredible PRP facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is 100% natural, non-surgical, and comes with no downtime – while taking years off of a person’s appearance.

In fact, the so-called “Vampire Facial®” which was made famous on social media by celebrities and influencers like Kim Kardashian is actually just a trademarked name for a PRP Facial.

Healthy, young skin looks smooth and plump because younger bodies produce high levels of collagen and elastin – which are the building blocks of tight youthful skin.  However, as the skin ages, production of collagen and elastin decreases substantially. This causes facial skin to sag, and wrinkles and fine lines develop.

But the healing properties of PRP stimulate the body to renew production of new collagen and elastin.  This results in thicker, plumper, and tighter skin – reducing lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial tone and texture. PRP treatments can take ten years or more off of a patient’s appearance!

PRP Treatments for Hair Loss

The same 100% natural PRP cellular regeneration technology used in joint repair and antiaging is also offered by Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX to regrow hair.

During PRP hair loss treatment, after the routine blood draw, the plasma containing high concentrations of natural growth and healing factors is separated from the patient’s blood. The liquid “Platelet Rich Plasma” is then injected into the scalp where it regenerates the hair follicles on a cellular level.

The growth factors in the PRP “wake up” dormant hair follicles to start producing thicker, stronger, healthier hair shafts. Additionally, PRP has been shown to stimulate stem cells to regenerate hair growth.

Additional growth factors may be added to this process, to increase the effectiveness of this treatment. For example, “A-Cell” – a cellular regenerator that activates and recruits stem cells for hair regrowth – can be used with or without PRP.

In addition to PRP treatments for hair loss, Dr. Harper also offers many other hair restoration therapies and treatments.

PRP Treatments for Sexual Health

In women, PRP treatments can also improve sexual sensitivity, tighten the vagina, make intercourse less painful, decrease bladder leaks – and even increase libido!

Feminine PRP injections for sexual health are sometimes called the “O Shot” or “Orgasm Shot”.  PRP has been proven in clinical studies to increase natural vaginal lubrication, and to help women achieve better, more frequent orgasms.

In men, PRP injections into the penis – sometimes called the “P Shot” or “Priapus Shot” – can help men achieve or maintaining firm erections.

The PRP Treatment Process

After a routine blood draw, patients relax while the blood is spun in a centrifuge and the liquid PRP is separated.

To eliminate any potential discomfort, topical anesthetic can be applied to numb the treatment area. So, PRP treatments are a relatively pain-free procedure when used for cellular rejuvenation of the face or hair. Dr. Harper then injects the PRP into the treatment area with a very fine syringe.

For skin rejuvenation patients, more than one PRP Facial may be suggested depending upon the extent of the wrinkles, and the degree of sun damage. Since hair grows in staggered “phases,” PRP Hair restoration patients will need multiple treatments to treat every follicle during the growth stage.

Over the next several weeks, the growth factors in the PRP will continue to stimulate production of new cells. 

No Downtime After PRP Treatment

There is almost no recovery time after PRP treatments and patients can return to work or their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Some slight redness or mild swelling of the skin may occur, but this will diminish in 2 to 3 days or less.

PRP Treatments – Austin, TX

100% natural PRP treatments are a safe and effective choice for Austin, TX patients interested in reversing the effects of aging, repairing acne scarring, treating sun damage, eliminating wrinkles, or regrowing hair.

If you live in the greater Austin, TX area and would like to turn back the clock, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruthie Harper today.