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Choosing a Functional Medicine Doctor

Functional medicine offers patients the opportunity to team up with a doctor who truly listens to them, is open to their preferences, and is committed to uncovering new information and scientific advances that optimize health. It goes beyond the traditional “band-aid” approach and instead seeks to understand and address the root cause of health issues.

Functional medicine doctors like Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX focuses on personalized care, incorporating the latest science in a whole-body systems approach to treat the entire individual, not just their symptoms.

Patients can finally live their healthiest lives with a doctor who is up-to-date on the latest advances in science and uses them when caring for you. This is what functional medicine is all about!

Finding a Functional Medicine Doctor

Finding a doctor who truly listens to you can be challenging. You want someone who will not only hear your concerns but also explore new ways to understand and resolve your health issues. Functional medicine puts you at the center of your care, allowing you to work together with your physician towards personalized solutions that address your unique needs.

Functional medicine prioritizes the interconnected systems within your body and explores the latest scientific findings that support these connections.

The doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important relationships you will establish, and finding the right fit makes a significant difference in your long term health and well-being. Asking the right questions as you start this relationship can help determine whether this partnership will be the right fit.

If your doctor believes that food has no impact on disease, it might be time to look for a functional medicine doctor who views food as the necessary fuel that allows the body to run optimally. The search for a functional medicine doctor who fits your needs may seem daunting, but it’s possible to find a healthcare provider who’s willing to listen, keeps an open mind, and works with you towards your best health goals. By prioritizing collaboration and partnership in your healthcare journey, you can find a doctor like like Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX who truly believes in your potential for wellness.

Traditional vs. Functional Medicine

It’s important to rethink what traditional medicine does and does not provide. Traditional medicine can be a lifesaver in times of urgent or emergent situations. It’s highly effective for treating severe illnesses and infections, healing broken bones, and providing immediate relief.

However, when it comes to reversing and preventing chronic diseases, we need a more proactive approach, like that provided by a functional medicine doctor.

Functional Medicine Doctors & Chronic Disease in the US

Chronic disease is a major concern for millions of Americans today , with rates of modern illnesses on the rise. Shockingly, one in two Americans have pre-diabetes or type two diabetes, often referred to as “diabesity.”

This epidemic isn’t limited to diabetes, either. Autoimmune, allergic, and digestive diseases, heart disease, and cancer are all becoming more common. The statistics are alarming: one in three children born today may develop type two diabetes, while one in four people over 75 will develop dementia.

It’s clear that chronic illnesses are a major challenge that needs to be addressed. Relying solely on conventional medicine as a cure-all for long-term ailments after they have developed is not enough. We need to shift our focus to preventative or proactive care and explore treatments that address the root cause of chronic diseases to both reverse and prevent them. This is what functional medicine doctors offer.

Benefits of a Functional Medicine Doctor

The traditional approach to medical treatment can often feel disjointed and overwhelming for patients. Each symptom or disease required a different specialist. Patients with multiple symptoms may find themselves being passed around to multiple physicians, each prescribing their own drugs and treatments. This approach often fails to address the bigger picture – the fact that there is often a common link behind all of these symptoms.

Imagine having one medical professional who can see the connections and provide a comprehensive solution that tackles everything all at once. The human body is far more complex than a mere assembly of separate organs assigned to medical specialties. Instead, it is a uniquely integrated system that requires a holistic approach to healing.

The aim of this holistic approach is not merely to alleviate symptoms, but to understand why these symptoms are occurring and how they can be addressed at a deeper level. It seeks to optimize your health, instead of just treating a disease. By peeling back the layers and looking deeper into our health concerns, functional medicine doctors can gain insight into the imbalances that are making us ill, and work to restore harmony to our minds and bodies.

Functional Medicine Doctor | Austin, TX

Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX looks at genetics, lifestyle, environment, family history, and your unique biology to understand how these all interact to create health or disease. By understanding the dynamic interaction between these things, we can develop targeted treatments that are efficient and effective.

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX, we will dive deep into your health, taking a detailed history and utilizing targeted lab tests to learn about each and every organ system in your body. We will look beyond the standard diagnostic blood work, focusing on optimizing each lab value to achieve an optimal state of health for you.

Instead of simply addressing disease control, Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX will bring you back to a healthy, balanced state where recurring problems are resolved and prevented.

We want to empower your health journey and unlock your full potential with the ability to overcome chronic disease and experience optimal wellness. We want to help you rediscover what it truly means to feel your best and thrive in life.

Dr. Ruthie Harper’s goal is to transform your health, so you can say goodbye to chronic disease and saying hello to long-term wellness. By taking an integrative, root cause and systems-based approach, we have the ability to revolutionize our healthcare system and truly transform your health.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ruthie Harper, MD in Austin, TX and together, we can create a way to care for your body that prioritizes true health care rather than just sick care. The possibilities for positive change are endless, and it all begins with a fundamental shift in perspective. We hope you will join us in being part of this transformation!

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