Will My Care Be Covered by Insurance?

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Will My Care Be Covered By Insurance?

The U.S. spends far more than any other country in the world on healthcare – a whopping $2 trillion per year. Despite this fact, problems abound in our healthcare system. Unsustainable costs, poor outcomes, frequent medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, and worsening health in our country all point to a need for transformative change.

A preventative model, focused on forestalling the development of disease before symptoms or life-threatening events occur is needed. When diseases do develop, a treatment model focused on finding and resolving the underlying causes of disease is imperative. And integration of all aspects of the individual’s biochemistry and lifestyle to create optimal health is necessary.

This type of care does exist through “integrative physicians”. However, the unwillingness of many insurance companies to cover this type of care can limit services for patients who often believe that health insurance should provide “health care” when in fact they only provide “disease care”. And this unfortunately may be the case for years to come.

Our practice focuses on blood work which can and will identify factors that lead to disease and allows a model of healthcare where the physician uses this information to provide long-term health solutions for the patient. We prevent patients from getting to a “disease destination” that they don’t want to get to before they decide they were on the “wrong road” and allow them to find and understand how to stay on the “right road” for health.

The illness based health care model and its cultural, technological, and economic underpinnings remain securely embedded in every aspect of our health care system and we must accept that this is what our current health insurance system pays for today.

We encourage you to take your health care into your own hands, opting out when insurance refuses to pay for disease care and instead chose health care. We applaud your willingness to take on this financial responsibility yourself and we will do everything on our power to make this decision count. We look forward to caring for you in health today and for years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]