How Your Genes Influence Weight Loss

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How Your Genes Influence Weight Loss

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Did You Know Your Genes Could Be Influencing Your Weight?

Ever wonder why some people can get away with eating carbs all day, while you just look at them and gain weight? Better yet, ever wonder why some people have immediate weight loss when they exercise and some don’t?

For years, we thought that cutting calories was the secret to weight loss. Weight loss is much more complicated than just calories in and calories out. The latest research shows that our genetics likely play a critical role in how well we manage our weight.  One gene that has become increasingly important here is called AMY1.

The AMY1 Gene

The amylase gene, AMY1, is responsible for making an enzyme in your saliva that breaks down starch called salivary amylase. The number of copies of AMY1 gene directly correlates with the amount of salivary amylase an individual has. It seems that the more copies of the  AMY1 gene you have, the more salivary enzyme you produce and the better your body is at managing your weight when eating these starchy carbohydrates. Amylase is responsible for the initial step in digestion of starches and carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, grain, rice , potatoes, pasta and all flour-filled deserts.

Interestingly enough, populations that evolved on high starch diets—such as East Asians consuming rice and Pacific Islanders consuming starchy roots and tubers—have been shown to have more copies of AMY1.  And in Mexican children who consume high amounts of corn and beans, more copies of AMY1 have been correlated with lower rates of obesity.

Genetic Testing in Weight Loss Plans

It’s important to include genetic testing to ensure you fully understand your body and create a truly effective, personalized weight loss program. If you’re interested in learning more about your genetics as they relate to your weight and metabolism, contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn about our SkinyDNA weight loss program.

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